What is UI and UX design?

First of all, these are not limited to the web, but are necessary for all products.
UI design and UX design are often talked about together, but rather UI is just one part of UX. As a result of considering UX, you may sacrifice the UI.

I will unravel while looking at an actual example.

First of all, what is UI?

Abbreviation for user interface.
To put it plainly, it is easy to use.
For example, the following site is created assuming the worst UI.

User Inyerface

As you can see by actually trying it, I think it is very stressful.

It’s not limited to forms, but a good UI is when the user needs it, in the form they need it, and what they need.

Also, since the UI is easy to quantify for improvement, it is relatively easy to deal with it if you repeat verification.

So what is UX?

Abbreviation for User experience. Not UE. Why?
This is the experience that users can get by using the service.
When it comes down to the UI, it tends to look similar depending on the type of industry.

However, although EC deals with the same fashion, what about the following two sites?

Shimamura Online
Narumi Trading

Personally, I felt that Shimamura had a better UI, but I think Narumi Trading felt more luxurious.
Since the prices of the items we sell are different, the experience you want to feel will also be different.
Of course, we will improve the UI, but sometimes we may want to prioritize it at the expense of the UI.

In addition, it may be combined with the actual content as shown below.

VR Selecteria

UX design needs to be considered not only on the website but also on other departments and projects.

How do you improve it?

In both cases, verification and consideration will be repeated, but the following articles will be introduced for reference.

Learn from a professional UI designer! Summary of design knowledge and techniques that improve the impression of UI and UX