What is web design

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You can find as many web design techniques and examples as you like by searching.
But in the first place, if you think that “design is highly specialized, requires talent, and is far from you”, you can’t even think of searching for them.

Therefore, I will explain from the basic idea here.

What’s design?

Making the product user-satisfying

For example, let’s say you have strawberry-flavored chocolate.
When designing the package, what if it was a design like this?

Chocolate image

Users buy in anticipation of an orange flavor, and as a result they cannot be satisfied.
Also, even if you use an image of strawberries and writing “strawberry”, you might expect matcha if the color is green and the font is Japanese.

With a good design, users can shop smoothly and as expected.

Why did you get a fashionable image?

I think this is because many people mistakenly think that they are “doing it with a sense” when selecting materials.
Certainly, it is true that there is such a talent.
But it has nothing to do with art or fashion sense.
Well, it’s certainly better to have that talent when creating design materials.

If anything, I think it depends on observation, imagination, analysis, and creativity.
And these are the “thinking powers” in the end, which are much easier to acquire than art and fashion sense.
In other words, anyone can do the design itself, and for that matter, everyone naturally does it.

So what is web design?

By clarifying the purpose of the Web service to be created and approaching the five senses, we will create a way for users to be satisfied and realize it.

The approach you can take is different, but it’s the same as designing a candy package.

We have UI and UX, but I’ll explain that at another time.

How should I design it?

There are a few things you need to do when designing.

Design thinking

Recently, there seems to be a movement to make use of these ideas not only in design but also in business.
Basics of design thinking that anyone can understand

Design knowledge

Human habits. The influence and combination of colors on people. The meaning of the golden ratio and shape.
Impressions of the song, etc.
You need a lot of knowledge to put your thoughts into shape.


Even if you think correctly and have knowledge, you need to have creativity to bring it out.
In the end, the only way to do this is to design a lot or look at various things to increase the number of drawers.